Car Parking

There are a few options available when it comes to car parking at Tummies.


We have a car park at the back – this is accessible between the tyre shop and the hairdressers (the first shop on the parade) down the small alley way. This is a barrier operated car park which will let you in once you approach the barrier with your vehicle. Prior to leaving the restaurant please ask one of the members of staff for the exit code (which changes regularly) which you will need to enter into the exit key pad.


In addition, there are two small public car parks that are 1 minute walk away : The first is located on the South side of the A4, across the junction. The second one is situated on the right hand side of Station Road, heading North towards Burnham Train Station (with Tummies on your left).


You are also permitted to park on Station Road itself, on the single yellow lines, anytime other than between 10.00am and 11.00am Monday - Friday (see restriction signs).


Finally, you can also park on the single yellow lines on the road directly opposite the restaurant, Iona Crescent, anytime other than between 12.00 (midday) and 2.00pm Monday - Friday (see restriction signs)