Courses with Ren

The ’Taste of Home’ Caribbean Cuisine with Ren

Ren is a charismatic individual who is passionate about food. His fondest memories in life are being surrounded by his family in the kitchen, where even today he still can remember the smells and tastes of Caribbean food and this is exactly what he will be showing you!
He has perfected and tweaked long standing recipes to make them his own. He will teach you that Caribbean cooking isn’t difficult but that there are certain techniques you must adhere to in order to maximise flavour and be consistent when cooking. And all of this will not be without a laugh!!

All of Ren’s Courses include the following*:


Complete and detailed Recipe Pack to take away

Mineral water, nibbles

Tea/coffee on arrival for daytime courses

A glass of wine/ soft drink for evening courses

A 3 course meal with a glass of wine (daytime and evening courses)


2.1. Menu 1

Spicy Prawns with Mango Chutney


Jerk Chicken with Ren’s Seasoning and Gravy
Rice & Peas


Fluted Lemon Surprise

£65.00 per person*




2.2 Menu 2


Saltfish Fritter


Curried Goat
Plantain Festivals
Callaloo with Rice & Peas


Ren’s Boozy Bananas with Tropical Ice Cream

£65.00 per person*