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(T) "Poor Boy" from £4.95
Baguette or Roll fillled with Smoked Country Ham, French Brie, Course Grain Mustard, Lettuce & Tomato  
(T) "Rich Boy" from £4.95
Baguette or Rol fillled with Roast Beef, Horseraddish, Lettuce & Tomato  
  from £5.45
(T) "New Orleans Muffelata"
an Olive Roll filled with Mayo, Ham, Chicken, Salami, Gruyere, Semi-dried Tomatoes, Lettuce, Tomato & Olive Tapenade
(T) Classic Prawn Mayo from £4.50
White or Wholemeal Roll filled with Atlantic Prawns, Marie Rose Sauce, Lettuce & tomato  
(T) "Seafood Symphony" from £5.95
White or Wholemeal Roll filled with Crab, Prawns, Crayfish, Smoked Scottish Salmon, Dill Mayo, Lettuce & Tomato
(T) "Pan Bagna" (pronounced Pan "Bania") from £4.95
an Olive Roll filled with Salade Nicoise: Tuna, Green Beans, Tomatoes, Olives, Hard Boilrf egg, Anchovies and Lettuce
(T) Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagel from £4.95
an Toasted Bagel filled with Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Scottish Smoked Salmon.
(T) MYO - Make Your Own Sandwich or Roll  
Select your Bread type and your very own Fillings from our Selection From £3.95
Add Tummies Thick fries for £1.60  

(T) Club Sandwich

from £5.95
A classic with Toasted White or Wholemeal Bread, Smoked Bacon, Chicken, Lettuce and Tomato.  
(T) Last Minute Breakfast Roll from £4.50
White or Wholemeal Roll with some Butter, Cumberland Sausage, Hot Crispy Bacon and a Fried Egg  

(T) Last Minute Bacon or Sausage Roll

from £3.95
White or Wholemeal Roll with some Butter Hot Crispy Bacon or Cumberland Sausage  

Minute Steak & Stilton

from £5.95
White or Wholemeal Roll or Baguette filled with Mayo Steak, Stilton pieces, Lettuce & Tomato  
(T) Chicken "Waikiki" Panini or Toastie £4.95 / £3.95
With Hickory Smoked BBQ Sauce, Chicken, Pineapple & Mozzarella  
(T) Smoked Country Ham & Gruyere Panini or Toastie £4.95 / £3.95
The best Country Ham together with the Famous Swiss Cheese  
(T) "All Day Breakfast" Panini or Toastie £4.95 / £3.95
with Cumverland Sausage, Smoked Bacon, Boiled Egg & Bacon  
(T) Pork Belly & Apple Sauce Panini or Toastie £4.95 / £3.95
with Tender Pork Belly, Melted Mozzarella & Apple Sauce  
(T) French Brie & Smoked Bacon Panini or Toastie £4.95 / £3.95
with Melted French Brie & Crispy Bacon  
(T) Pepperoni Style Pizza Panini or Toastie £4.95 / £3.95
With Pepperoni, Arrabiata, Olives & Mozzarella  
(T) Sweet Chilli Chicken Panini or Toastie £4.95 / £3.95
with Tuna & Mozzarella  
(T) Simply Tuna Melt or Panini or Toastie £4.95 / £3.95
with Tuna & Mozzarella  
(v)(T) Goats Cheese & Roasted Vegetable Panini or Toastie £4.95 / £3.95
with Peppers, Courgettes, Fennel, Red Onion, Melted Goat Cheese & Arrabiata  
(v)(T) Margarita Panini or Toastie £4.75 / £3.75
with Tomato, Semi-Dried Tomato, Mozzarella, Arrabiata and Mixed Herbs  
(T) MYO – Make Your Own Panini from £4.75 / £3.75
Select your Bread type and your very own Fillings from our Selection  
(T) Classic Caesar Salad £4.95
with Cos Lettuce Olives, Garlic Crouton & Anchovies  
(T) Cajun Chicken Caesar Salad £6.95
with Cos Lettuce, Olives, Garlic Crouton & Anchovies  
(T) Tiger Prawn Caesar Salad £6.95
with Pan Fried Tiger Prawns, Cos Lettuce, Olives, Garlic Crouton, Anchovies & Parmesan  
(T) **Sweet Chilli & Bacon Salad £6.95
with Mixed Leaves, Tomatoes, Cashew Nuts, Sesame Seeds & Balsamic Dressing  
**Chicken & Pesto Pasta Salad £5.95
Roasted Chicken on a bed of Pasta Salad  
(T) Minute Steak & Stilton £6.95
with Mixed Leaves, Tomatoes, Slices of Tender Beef, Stilton & Balsamic Dressing  
(T) "Salad Nicoise" £5.95
a French Classic with Mixed Leaves, Green Beans, Tomatoes, Olives, Tuna, Anchovies & Hard Boiled Egg  
(v) Traditional Greek Salad £4.95
With Mixed Leaves Leaves, Feta Cheese, Tomato, Cucumber, Red Onion & Olives  
(T) MYO – Make Your Own Salad From £4.95
Select your own ingredients from our Selection  
(T) with Chilli con Carne £4.85
(T) with Heinz Baked Beans £4.35
(T) with Tuna & Mozzarella £4.65
(T) MYO – Make Your Own Jacket From £4.35
Select your very own fillings from our Selection  
(T) Classic Spaghetti Carbonara £5.75
with Smoked Bacon, Mushroom & Garlic Cream  
(T) **Smoked Chicken, Bacon, Mushroom & Pesto Linguini £5.75
(T) Simply "Spag Bol" £5.50
the Italian Classic with Spaghetti & Bolognese Sauce  
(V)(T) Spinach & Ricotta Tortellini £5.25
with Cream & Pesto  
(V)(T) Roasted Vegetable, Green Chilli & pesto Linguini £5.25
another Vegetarian option  
(V)(T) Tagilatelle Pasta £5.25
with Tomato, Goat Cheese, Olives & Spinach  
(T) Bowl of Soup of the Day & Roll £4.25
ask your server for the flavour of the day  
(T) Classic Chilli con Carne £4.75
with Nachos & Soured Cream  
(T) Chilli & Rice £5.75
with Soured Cream & Mixed Wild rice  
(T) Sausage & Mash £5.95
A Duo of Cumberland Sausages with Butter Mash & Onion Gravy  
(T) Beef, Mushroom & Guinness Casserole


with New Potatoes  
(T) Lamb Tagine & Couscous £5.95
spicy but sweet tender pieces of Lamb with Dried Fruit with Moroccan Couscous  
(T) Deep - Fried Calamari £6.95
with Mayonnaise  
**Tummies Warm Bread £2.60
with Olive Oil, Butter & Pesto Dips  
(v) Crusty Garlic Bread £3.25
Bowl of Fresh Sicilian Olives £3.60
Hand Cut Thick Fries £1.60
Small Mixed Salad £2.50
Americano Reg. £1.95
Large. £2.35
Capuccino Reg. £2.35
Large. £2.70
Latte Reg. £2.5
Large. £2.70
Espresso Reg. £1.95
Large. £2.25
Tea Reg. £1.95
Large. £2.35
Infusions Reg. £1.95
Large. £2.35
Hot Chocolate Reg. £2.35
Large. £2.70
Extra Shot of Coffee Reg. £0.50
Large. £0.50
Shot of Flavoured Syrup Reg. £0.35
Large. £0.35
(V) = Vegetarian or can be made vegetarian
(T) = Available for Take Away
**Contains Nuts
Service is not included except for parties of 6 or more
when 10% will be added to your bill.
Please be aware that nuts and products derived from
nuts are used in our kitchen.
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