Corporate Catering - Breakfast

(Please note that we can also provide a full selection of cold soft drinks with your order)

Plain Croissants each £1.85
Plain Croissants with Jam & Butter each £2.30
Assorted Muffins each £1.85
Assorted Danish Pastries each £1.85

Bacon Sandwich or Roll each £3.60/3.95
Sausage Sandwich or Roll each £3.60/3.95
Egg Sandwich or Roll each £3.35/3.70

For all rolls and sandwiches you can choose between WHITE and BROWN bread. All are served with Ketchup and Brown Sauce

Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter
Seasonal fruits and berries, beautifully sliced and presented on a large platter
Small 6 – 8 people £15.50
Large 8 – 12 people £21.00

Tummies Fresh Fruit Basket
Beautifully arranged selection of Fresh Fruit including Apples, Bananas, Grapes and other seasonal fruit.
Small (6- 8 people) £9.00
Large (8- 12 people) £14.00

Homemade Swiss Muesli with Fresh Fruit & Yogurt £4.50 per person For those wanting a great, healthy option