Outside – Equipment Hire

Equipment Hire


Disposable Paper Plates & Paper Napkins                                     £0.35  each

Disposable Cutlery Set                                                                   £0.35 each

Main Course China Plate/Bowl                                                       £1.00  each

Dessert Course China Plate/Bowl                                                   £1.00  each

Side/ Cheese Course China Plate                                                    £1.00 each

China Coffee/Tea Cup with Tea Spoons                                        £1.00 each

Stainless Steel Knife & Fork in Paper Napkin                               £1.00  each

Stainless Steel Knife & Fork in Linen Napkin                                £1.50  each

Stainless Steel Fork & Spoon in Paper Napkin                              £1.00  each

Stainless Steel Fork & Spoon in Linen Napkin                               £1.50  each

Stainless Steel Cheese Knife                                                           £0.50  each

Stainless Steel Tea Spoons                                                             £0.25  each

Wine and Soft Drinks Glasses                                                            £0.50  each

Disposable glasses/ Cups                                                                    £0.50 each

Disposable serving utensils                                                                £1.75 each

Large Linen Table Cloth (108×70 inches)                                        £12.00  each

Set-up Fee                                                                                               from £15.00